Video Hub Disruption

On the 21 May 2018 during some essential maintenance work on our new video hub we experienced a critical technical fault resulting in an issue syncing newly published videos. This issue took a number of hours to resolve and the hub is now fully operational. We sincerely apologise for the disruption in our service. Many[…]

  Merry Christmas!

With Christmas Eve quickly approaching we have increasing number of Christmas related video stories. Yes, lot of Santas in comic situations as well. To make it easier for you to locate Christmas-related content we have highlighted this category in the navigation of KameraOne Hub. Enjoy. KameraOne Team

  Updates Service Launched!

We have launched our updates service today to provide users of KameraOne Hub platform with information and updates about available services, new content available, new features etc. We appreciate all the feedback as well as suggestions on how to make updates useful and productive.  KameraOne Team