US Election (US Channel)

We would like to make you aware that we have extended our KameraOne Hub service by adding a new “US ELECTION” channel. Under this tab you will find all what you need related to this topic: from the newest clips to archive material, from raw footage to packages, so you can create your own compilations.
We strongly believe that this special channel, dedicated to most current events, will help you to cover the upcoming 2016 presidential election in a comprehensive manner until the Election Day on November 8 and beyond. We believe that our extensive footage from our U.S. content providers is an exclusive and unique source covering all campaign and pre-election themes.
This NEW channel is provided to you at no extra charge and sits within your existing contract arrangement.
Make sure to check the US ELECTION tab within the KameraOne Hub service every day! You can always get there through KameraOne email alerts which will be sent from, as you are used to receiving for other channels.
Thank you for your interest in our service,
KameraOne Editorial Team